Kallah Gemach


Milsztajn Family Silver spoon collection

The Milsztajn Family Silver Spoon Collection provides a silver spoon for any kallah who wishes to borrow one at no charge.  

We look forward to expanding our collection of Kallah items with your help. If you would like to borrow items or would like to donate to our fund in honor of a loved one or in the merit of connecting with your own bashert, please contact us for more information. 



Immediately following the chuppah, the chosson (groom) and kallah (bride) are escorted to a yichud (private seclusion) room. The door is locked from the inside and this is where the newly married couple will finally spend at least eighteen minutes of privacy together. 

Chabad custom inherited from the Frierdiker Rebbe is to place a sterling silver spoon at the threshold of the yichud room door before the chosson and kallah arrive. The chosson first and then the kallah step over it, right foot first, when entering the room. This is said to be a segulah for the couple for the bracha (blessing) of parnasa (wealth).